Over 15 Years Serving as a Character Educator and Motivational Speaker in Schools

For more than fifteen years, Jennifer has been serving as a motivational speaker and character educator for the public school system throughout the US and Canada. To date, Jennifer has had the wonderful privilege of speaking into the lives of more than 600,000 students in more than 500 public schools, integrating positive values and speaking candidly to teens and young adults about real-life issues such as mental health, social and emotional learning, bullying, substance abuse, suicide, family hardships, eating disorders, self-harm, toxic relationships, and low self-worth. 

Inspirational Support For Staff & Faculty too

Teachers and administration are the true heroes. They are on the front lines daily with our children. As a mother myself, I understand the energy, effort and heart required to sow continuously into others–even and especially when we, ourselves, are tired and hurting. That is why I love having the opportunity to sow back into those who give so much. Every faculty and staff member deserves to know that they are seen, valued, and so incredibly appreciated. 

Together, let’s elevate your school’s SEL initiative…starting with the positive mental health of the faculty and staff. Because NO ONE can give out of an empty tank.

Thoughts from Attendees

Testimonials and feedback from persons attending an event at an educational institution.

Thank you for visiting our school and speaking to our girls. Your message is one for all. I am so glad our students had the opportunity to hear your story. You went above and beyond by staying and talking with some of the girls who felt they needed one on one time. You are a true blessing!

K. Stewart

School Guidance Counselor

Jennifer Beckham is certainly qualified to speak into the lives of today’s youth. She is very dynamic and certainly does not hesitate to address every tough topic imaginable: drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, eating disorders, etc…it is without hesitation that I fully endorse her to you today.

Rob Kirk

West Palm Beach, FL

Your presentation helped our boys and girls understand the importance of making good choices and the impact these choices can have on their lives….I appreciate your willingness to share with schools across the country.

Craig Barlow

Principal, GA

Jennifer did a presentation to our young ladies and it sent a message of self-esteem to our female population. She did an amazing, heartfelt presentation and her personal story was a benefit to the girls in our school. Many of our students said that Jennifer was the best speaker they had seen in a school assembly… great message!

Tracy Sacco

Principal, Ontario, Canada

You came to my school today [for an abstinence assembly]. I just wanted to tell you that you saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I was just going down the wrong path, so thank you so very much for helping me before I did something really stupid.

High school student, GA

This assembly showed that not all learning has to occur in the classroom; sometimes it comes from hearing of other’s life experiences and their victories over adversity.

Ilene Eshelman, Lead Teacher

Sebring, FL

WOW is a great descriptor! Our students and staff members were so enthusiastic later talking about their favorite parts of your program and administration received very positive feedback from staff, students and parents as well.

Martie Brooker

Guidance Counselor, Avon Park, FL

You came to my school and spoke to us about some really important things that held a big message. I just wanted to say thank you very much…When you came and talked, I learned a lot from your testimony and I know that I could have listened to you speak forever.


Jennifer is a  great speaker and is very easy to work with. Her life story really hit home with a lot of our student population. I would recommend her to anyone!

Brian Chestnutt

Principal, High School Alma, GA

I know that Jennifer desires to see the lives of our young people touched in a powerful and positive way. Her unique style and delivery as a motivational speaker will captivate any audience from elementary to college-aged students.

FCA Regional Director

On behalf of Salisbury University, thank you for your message to our students tonight. It is hard knowing that there are so many who are hurting and I am sure that those who were here tonight were inspired by your story. I could tell by their questions and interaction with you that they were touched by the message. You could see the pain as some of them talked. I believe you gave them hope.

Many people can lecture students on the importance of balance, healthy eating and exercise, and a healthy self-concept. They can share statistics and data and back them up with the credibility of science and academic rigor. You, on the other hand, share a personal story that is heartfelt and real. It is one that so many can identify with and gain insight from. In many ways, I believe your single story has more potential to inspire change than a hundred studies never could.

As students reach college-age, we become focused on training their minds and preparing them for a future career. I think sometimes we forget to consider their whole being–mind, body, and spirit–in that process. Tonight was a great reminder of how important it is to consider our students’ wellness from an emotional and physical perspective. I hope we never forget that lesson.

Beloved and Former Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication Arts at Salisbury University. Salisbury, MD