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Pain into purpose. Misery into Ministry. Heartache into heartbeat

Get over yourself! – The Book

In Get Over Yourself, author Jennifer Beckham masterfully correlates her early days as a Disney “princess” with her present life as God’s princess to profoundly teach seven practical, biblical principles that will serve as your roadmap to get you over your “self-issues” and into a life free from shame, regret, anger, and insecurity. 

  • Get over the fickle feelings that hinder your faith.
  • Get over insecurity and self-doubt that steal your freedom.
  • Get over guilt, regret and shame that plague your life.
  • Get over the lingering pain of your past that keeps you hurting.
  • Get over negative belief systems that influence destructive behavior.
  • Get over debilitating thoughts that rule your life and wreck your day.
  • Get over your lack of fulfillment and find purpose.