Get Over Yourself! Book

In Get Over Yourself, author Jennifer Beckham masterfully correlates her early days as a Disney “princess” with her present life as God’s princess to profoundly teach seven practical, biblical principles that will serve as your roadmap to get you over your “self-issues” and into a life free from shame, regret, anger and insecurity. You can:

  • Get over the fickle feelings that hinder your faith.
  • Get over insecurity and self-doubt that steal your freedom. 
  • Get over guilt, regret and shame that plague your life.
  • Get over the lingering pain of your pst that keeps you hurting.
  • Get over negative belief systems that influence destructive behavior.
  • Get over debilitating thoughts that rule your life an dwreck your day.
  • Get over your lack of fulfillment and find purpose.

It’s time to turn your:

Pain into Purpose. Misery into Ministry. Heartache into Heartbeat.

The Curriculum

The Get Over Yourself! Bible Study Curriculum is formatted into an eleven-week journey and is perfect for a life-changing, personal home study or a dynamic group study.

In this insightful study, author and speaker Jennifer Beckham personally walks you through the pages of her book, Get Over Yourself, to effectively teach you -and women of all ages-the biblical principles that will gt you beyond the pain, the shame and the heartaches of life in order to achieve balance, fulfillment, confidence, and a true purpose for living.

This Video-Based Curriculum Includes

  • 11-Session DVD Teaching Series Set (on 4 DVDs)
  • Get Over Yourself! Bible Study Workbook and Leader’s Guide
  • One Get Over Yourself! Book
  • Promotional Materials (on DVD 4 of the Teaching Series)

11-Sessions DVD Teaching Series Set

Formatted into eleven 22-23 minute sessions, the Get Over Yourself!   11-Sessions DVD Teaching Series is a seamless companion to Jennifer’s Get Over Yourself! book and her Gt Over Yourself! Workbook and Leader’s Guide. Each video segment includes author’s insights, teaching footage from one of Jennifer’s “Get Over Yourself” conferences, as well as a commentary and questions to initiate a group discussion, interactions practical application and personal reflection.

Perfect for church, small group, or individual study. (11 Sessions on 4 DVDs)

So whether you want to roll up you sleeves with you own personal, life-transforming study or you’re looking o start a book club, lead a small group study, or launch an in-depth bible study, this video-based teaching series will provide all you need to get the most out of every page of the insightful Get Over Yourself book! (Promotional materials included on DVD 4.)

  • Session 1: Life Is No Fairy Tale / Once Upon a Time (33:00)
  • Session 2: Choose to Act on Faith, Not Feelings (Part One) (22:55)
  • Session 3: Choose to Act on Faith, Not Feelings (Part Two) (26:14)
  • Session 4: Trust God’s Wisdom in Choosing You (21:30)
  • Session 5: Allow God to Heal the Tender Places in Your Life (Part One) (22:33)
  • Session 6: Allow God to Heal the Tender Places in Your Life (Part Two) (23:40)

  • Session 7: Mourn Over Your jPast One Last Time (24:37)
  • Session 8: Form a New Attitude Based on the Truths of God (22:04)
  • Session 9: Step into the Shoes Made Only for You (23:34)

  • Session 10: Show Up and Fulfill God’s Role for You (21:44)
  • Session 11: Who’s Waiting on You? (23:12)

Get Over Yourself!

Bible Study Workbook and Leader’s Guide

Formatted into eleven-weekly lessons, this 165 page Get Over Yourself! Bible Study Workbook and Leader’s Guide is a seamless companion to Jennifer’s Get Over Yourself! book and her eleven-session Get Over Yourself! DVD Teaching Series. Featuring ten weeks of personal assignments, eleven weekly group sessions and one comprehensive Leader’s Guide, this workbook is the perfect tool for an eleven-week group study or for a life-changing, personal home study. 

Whether you are a seasoned women’s ministry leader or this is your very first time embarking on your own personal Bible study or leading others in a group study, the Get Over Yourself! Bible Study Workbook and Leader’s Guide will lead you on the journey of a lifetime! 

Note: For group study, each weekly study in the workbook is divided into six main segments. The first three segments are the “in-class” segments, which would be facilitated by a group leader. They are as follows:
  1. Get Ready: Video Response Section
  2. Get Honest: Class Chat Time
  3. Get Connected: Prayer and Ministry Time

The final three segments are the at-home or “homework” portions of this study, which members of the group would complete on their own. They are as follows:

  1. Get Busy: Personal Bible Study Time
  2. Get Empowered: A Prayer for Change
  3. Get Determined: A Declaration of Faith

For individual study, all six segments of this workbook should be used, except that the “Class Chat Time” and “Prayer and Ministry Time” should be used as a time of personal reflection and focused prayer.