Life Happens.
Dreams Shatter.
Hearts Break.

I understand.

On August 16, 2021, my world was shattered by the sudden loss of my husband to COVID-19.

For 25 years, I had the joy of working and ministering alongside my husband, Anthony, as a motivational speaker, pastor, counselor, and corporate trainer. Our lives were full. There was nothing that we and our two children didn’t do together. Then, on that July 29th, he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Strict lockdown policies did not allow me in, to comfort him, to advocate for him or to rescue him out. I was locked out and he was quarantined in complete isolation, deathly ill, for the last nineteen days of his life. We never had a chance to say goodbye. Our two children, devastated by the loss, had just moved out to start their own lives. What should have been the beginning of our cherished empty-nest years turned into a season of unimaginable grief and despair. I was alone in an empty home. My heart and my faith were in shambles.

My husband was gone, my children were no longer at home, and the flourishing pulpit ministry we shared came to an abrupt end. I had to face the loss of my best friend and partner, our life in ministry together, and my income. Not surprisingly, it led to a profound crisis of identity. I had spent decades ministering to others in their darkest hours, now I was confronting the darkness of my own sorrow and pain…completely alone.

For the past three years, I’ve been on a deep, transformative journey of personal healing. With incredible support and God’s amazing grace, I have been piecing my life back together and am now feeling stronger than ever. This arduous journey has thoroughly reshaped me, taught me things about myself, and turned my pain into purpose in ways I would have never dreamed. God is bringing beauty from my ashes by using my journey to strengthen others in theirs.

My mission remains…

Today, I continue to use my knowledge and experience to guide people through their own valleys toward healing and wholeness. Because I am so intimately acquainted with the depths of grief, the weight of shame, and the struggle of regret, I now also know the profound power of healing and the possibility of rebuilding a life filled with joy and purpose.

For more than twenty-seven years now, I have been blessed to live my passion—having the amazing opportunity of serving as a keynote speaker and leadership trainer for the corporate community, the faith-based community, and the education community alike.

I don’t take lightly the privilege of being invited into companies, businesses, schools, churches, and into the intimate personal lives of hundreds upon thousands of individuals to be a voice of hope and transformation. I cannot tell you what an honor it is for me to be trusted in that way.


My Background

Prior to becoming a professional speaker, I worked in the entertainment industry for the Walt Disney Corporation at the (then) MGM-Studios in Orlando and for Tokyo Disneyland in Japan as a “Disney Princess”. (Yes, seriously!)

I then transitioned into sales and marketing for a global Health and Wellness Company, opening corporate offices and training their sales teams across the Unites States.

During one of my brief stays in a small central Florida city to open a new marketing office, I met a young man named Anthony and married him exactly eight weeks later. (Yes…eight WEEKS later!) He had been called into the ministry prior to us meeting, so immediately, we set out on the road together, traveling and speaking, spending 42-47 weeks on the road every year for more than 20 years, ministering in churches and speaking in conferences and in public schools all across the US and Canada. During that time, I gave birth to and raised two beautiful children with my husband while also building my personal speaking career. With the incredible help of my very supportive husband, I soon found myself flying solo, darting all over the country to speak and eventually, wrote my first book and became a published author.

As a published author, I’ve had the pleasure of being featured on numerous podcasts and television and radio broadcasts, bringing hope, healing, and restoration to relationships of every kind.

I’ve since expanded that book into an 11-week curriculum that has been used in seven countries and counting. I couldn’t be more thrilled that my book’s message of hope and restoration is making its way into places I’ve never been and helping people I may never get to meet! What a gift! 

I’m currently working on my second book that will also be turned into individual curriculums adapted specifically for schools, for corporate employee support programs, and for churches. 

I had the incredible honor of serving alongside my husband Anthony for twenty-five years in ministry as an itinerant evangelist, speaker, leadership trainer, counselor, co-pastor and administrator of a new church plant, Restore Church, that we launched in north Florida just seven years before his passing.

As previously stated, Anthony and I were married only eight weeks after meeting one another back in 1996. We were each others best friend and biggest fan. We lived a very full life of love and ministry together, having two amazing children. He was always present, an amazing husband and father, and he remains our biggest hero! 

To know him was to love him. He never met a stranger. He was so well known and loved that his Celebration of Life service has been viewed online over 16,000 times. He was a man of integrity, a selfless servant and a great, great man of God who led and loved his family well. 

Anthony and I have two amazing children together, Cole and Jordan Paige.

Cole is now 23 and is married to his beautiful bride, Gavin. They live in Jacksonville, Florida, near me. Cole is a youth and young-adult conference speaker and minister, following in the footsteps of his Daddy (and Momma).

Jordan is now 20 and lives nearby as well. She’s been a successful model and full-time social media influencer for years, beginning her online platform at the young age of 12. She is soon-to-be engaged to her beau, Alec, whom I love dearly.

Without a doubt, Cole and Jordan are our two greatest contributions to this world. 

I am now back on the road, carrying out my calling and passion of speaking and connecting with audiences big and small, wherever the invitations calls.

I am currently based in Jacksonville, Florida near my two amazing adult children, Cole and Jordan Paige. Knowing that all things work together for our ultimate good, I’ve never been more prepared to embrace every moment, live like there’s no tomorrow, become the best version of myself and help others do the same!

If you’re reading these words, you’re still here and I’m so grateful! Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself with you—now I’d love to learn more about you. The best way for us to connect is through  contact page  or to become a  WIP Partner here.

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