Keynote and Motivational Speaker | Pastor | Leadership Trainer | Character Educator | Mentor | Counselor

With over 27 years of diverse experience, Jennifer is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to get “unslumped” and reach their full potential. Throughout her life and career, she has demonstrated a passion and a gift for inspiring others, fostering personal growth, and instilling values-driven leadership.

Professional Experience

  • Keynote Speaker and Corporate Leadership Trainer
  • Pastoral and Non-Profit Leadership
  • Character Educator and Motivational Speaker for the Public School System
  • Women’s Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader
  • Trauma and Transitions Coach and Mentor
  • Crisis Support and Counselor

How Can Jennifer Serve You?

Get Over Yourself!

7 Principles to Get Over Your Past
and On With Your Purpose Book & Curriculum 

Discover seven practical, Biblical principles that will get you beyond the pain, the shame and the heartaches of life in order to achieve balance, fulfillment, confidence, and a true purpose for living.
new podcast coming soon!

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed after a challenging life transition or traumatic event? Welcome to Unslumped, the podcast dedicated to helping you and your loved ones find joy, connection, and strength at every stage And Turn of life.

Unslumped is your go-to resource for overcoming life’s toughest challenges and emerging stronger together. Each episode will feature inspiring stories, expert interviews, and practical, biblical advice designed to guide you and your family through both the hard times and the healing process. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a broken relationship, significant loss, health crisis, betrayal, heartache, or any other major life change, Unslumped offers the support and encouragement you need to keep pressing forward.

  • Family Connection: Discover ways to reconnect with your loved ones and strengthen familial bonds during tough times.
  • Relationship Building: Learn strategies for nurturing and repairing relationships of all kinds, from friendships to romantic partnerships.
  • Sound Support: No matter your age or stage in life, find the guidance and inspiration you need to get “unslumped” and thrive.

Join us on Unslumped, where we believe in the power of connection through faith and resilience to transform lives. Together, let’s rebuild, reconnect, and remind each other that we are not alone! 

You May Have Seen me 


Real. Approachable. Inspiring. Encouraging. Engaging. Insightful. Relevant. Relatable. Funny. Honest. Passionate about Restoration.

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I am deeply honored to have the OPPORTUNITY to speak into your lives 
conference attendee

“Thank you for sharing. It really impacted me when you prayed with me. The words you spoke were so personal.”

GM/COO St. Andrews CC, FL 

“Jennifer is a gifted speaker whose passion and unique insight into the human condition bring clarity and connection to our increasingly disconnected world.”

attendee, womens event 

“I really didn’t want to come tonight but now I’m changed forever. I didn’t realize I was stuck in bitterness from my past…”

counrty club manager, FL 

Thank you for speaking at our corporate CMAA meeting. It was refreshing to hear a professional speaker talk about something besides budgets and profits and losses, and to deliver each word with passion and heart.”

J. Meier, business owner

Your inspiration has helped me progressively move forward…I look forward to hearing you again.