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General Testimonials

Stacks Image 602
Thank you so much for coming this weekend to our women's conference. I thank God for the message you delivered.

I wanted to share with you that I had the opportunity to pray with a 73 year old woman, and God set her free from a deep, wounding pain she had never shared with anyone, including her husband. When she was 15 years old, her brother, whom she loved dearly, tried to rape her.

I prayed with her and watched God reach down and begin the process of setting her free. It was a powerful experience to see God at work in such a way... especially since this precious woman is my mother!

I had no idea of the searing pain she had been hiding all these years.Thank you so much for allowing God to use your story for His glory!
Stacks Image 611
A grateful daughter
Stacks Image 624
Jennifer is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is a true princess with a heart for God. She has a beautiful gift of making people realize that dreams really do come true!
Stacks Image 628
Shirley Ann Scott,
Co-Pastor The Church on Strayer
Stacks Image 647
You truly blessed me more than you'll ever know. I struggled with anorexia, bulimia and self-harm for seven years and you sharing your story brought tears to my eyes. I really needed that awakening!
Stacks Image 651
Conference Attendee
North Carolina
Stacks Image 664
You probably receive hundreds of these each day, but I wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story.

My daughter and I went to the women’s conference in Salisbury, MD on Saturday. The whole event was spectacular, but I believe we were there by divine appointment to hear you.

My sweet daughter is 18. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has had a rough senior year of high school due to severe bullying, some rebellion from the need to fit in and recently, the pain of consequences endured during that rebellion... She related to you and to your story so well, Jennifer. You have touched her life deeply!

Thank you, truly, for your kindness and your strength and your fervent, effervescent love of Jesus!!
Stacks Image 668
Conference Attendee, MD
Stacks Image 677
You will never know the impact of this weekend for me and my family. I am forever thankful that God connected me to you in a way that I cannot describe. I feel and know that what you are doing is vital, necessary, God called, and life changing.
Stacks Image 681
Doris Barker
Conference Attendee
Stacks Image 690
My very sincere thanks for all that you shared at our ladies seminar... I was so moved, and captivated as you shared your testimony of pain and joy. I was fighting back the tears, and forced to deal with my own suppressed pain, wounds, and mistakes. You, Jennifer, were used by God to help this little girl finish the job of allowing the finished work of healing and freedom in my heart! I love you for that!
Stacks Image 694
Youth Pastor
Stacks Image 703
I want to thank you for coming to and speaking at the FCA Banquet. You really touched my life and opened my eyes to areas of being a father I had not realized. I have been the men's ministry leader for several years here at my home church. I have taught men's discipleship classes, classes on being spiritual warriors and spiritual leaders of their homes, but I can't teach them the things you brought out. Like I said, my eyes were opened to areas I have not seen before. I can't relate to men how a daughter feels or relates to them, or is impacted by them. You can!

Keep up the good work. And tell every father you get the chance to talk to about what a fragile gift his daughter's heart is.
Stacks Image 707
Father and husband
Stacks Image 1795
You came to my church yesterday and I just wanted to share with you how you changed my life....I have talked with countless therapists, counselors, and preachers in my lifetime; and I didn't think anyone understood me until I heard you speak! I really wanted to come to the altar, but my pride wouldn't let me. (I was crying so hard, I didn't want anyone to see.) But I have NEVER heard things put the way you put them! I now FINALLY “get it” and I truly believe that there IS hope for me!

I just wanted to say that I am so thankful that I got to meet you, hear you speak and to start your study. God bless you for the work and ministry that you are doing!
Stacks Image 1803
Church Service Attendee, GA

School Testimonials

Stacks Image 3006
On behalf of Salisbury University, thank you for your message to our students tonight. It is hard knowing that there are so many who are hurting and I am sure that those who were here tonight were inspired by your story. I could tell by their questions and interaction with you that they were touched by the message. You could see the pain as some of them talked. I believe you gave them hope.

Many people can lecture students on the importance of balance, healthy eating and exercise, and a healthy self-concept. They can share statistics and data and back them up with the credibility of science and academic rigor. You, on the other hand, share a personal story that is heartfelt and real. It is one that so many can identify with and gain insight from. In many ways, I believe your single story has more potential to inspire change than a hundred studies never could.

As students reach college-age, we become focused on training their minds and preparing them for a future career. I think sometimes we forget to consider their whole being--mind, body, and spirit--in that process. Tonight was a great reminder of how important it is to consider our students’ wellness from an emotional and physical perspective. I hope we never forget that lesson.
Stacks Image 3014
Lori J. DeWitt, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication Arts Salisbury University
Salisbury, MD
Stacks Image 3060
Yesterday, you spoke at my school. I just wanted to say that you really opened up my eyes to life in general. I'm a Christian and I feel as if God sent you to my school for a reason, to really help me realize what's important in life. You changed my life in a way that I don't even know how. Thank you for everything you do, you are truly a great person and one day I hope to be like you.
Stacks Image 3064
9th grade student, GA
Stacks Image 3073
You came to my school today [for an abstinence assembly]. I just wanted to tell you that you saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I was just going down the wrong path, so thank you so very much for helping me before I did something really stupid.
Stacks Image 3077
High school student, GA
Stacks Image 3104
This assembly showed that not all learning has to occur in the classroom; sometimes it comes from hearing of other’s life experiences and their victories over adversity.
Stacks Image 3108
Ilene Eshelman, Lead Teacher
Freshman Foundation, Sebring High School Sebring, FL
Stacks Image 3117
Anthony and Jennifer Beckham and their “crew” did an outstanding job entertaining our students and challenging them to be good decision makers. Their demonstrations and words of encouragement were right on target with our quest to instill character in our young men and women.
Stacks Image 3126
Dr. Jute Wilson, Principal Cook High School
Adel, GA
Stacks Image 3305
WOW is a great descriptor! Our students and staff members were so enthusiastic later talking about their favorite parts of your program and administration received very positive feedback from staff, students and parents as well.
Stacks Image 3309
Martie Brooker, Guidance Counselor Avon Elementary School
Avon Park, FL
Stacks Image 3318
Thank you for visiting our school and speaking to our girls. Your message is one for all. I am so glad our students had the opportunity to hear your story. You went above and beyond by staying and talking with some of the girls who felt they needed one on one time. You are a true blessing!
Stacks Image 3322
K. Stewart
School Guidance Counselor
Stacks Image 3331
I believe Anthony and Jennifer Beckham are excellent motivational speakers and definitely qualified to speak into the lives of today’s youth. They are very dynamic and certainly do not hesitate to address every tough topic imaginable: drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, eating disorders, is without hesitation that I fully endorse them to you today.
Stacks Image 3335
Rob Kirk
Athletic Director, The King’s Academy West Palm Beach, FL
Stacks Image 3344
Your presentation helped our boys and girls understand the importance of making good choices and the impact these choices can have on their lives....I appreciate your willingness to share with schools across the country.
Stacks Image 3348
Craig Barlow,
Principal Riverside Elementary School Suwanee, GA
Stacks Image 3357
Jennifer did a presentation to our young ladies and it sent a message of self-esteem to our female population. She did an amazing, heartfelt presentation and her personal story was a benefit to the girls in our school. Many of our students said that Jennifer and her husband, Anthony, were the best speakers they had seen in a school assembly... great message!
Stacks Image 3391
Tracy Sacco
Principal, St. Catherine’s Collegiate Ontario, Canada
Stacks Image 3427
You came to my school and spoke to us about some really important things that held a big message. I just wanted to say thank you very much...When you came and talked, I learned a lot from your testimony and I know that I could have listened to you speak forever.
Stacks Image 3431
Stacks Image 3440
Jennifer and Anthony are great speakers and are very easy to work with. Their life stories really hit home with a lot of our student population. I would recommend them to anyone!
Stacks Image 3444
Brian Chestnutt,
Principal Bacon County High School Alma, GA
Stacks Image 3453
I know that Anthony and Jennifer desire to see the lives of our young people touched in a powerful and positive way. Their unique style and delivery as motivational speakers will captivate any audience from elementary to college-aged students.
Stacks Image 3457
Del Wright
FCA Regional Director

Corporate Testimonials

Stacks Image 3472
Jennifer Beckham was so compelling...The content of her talk is very useful to men and women in today’s very troubled world. It was certainly an inspiration to me.
Stacks Image 3476
T. Kelley
Country Club Manager and CMAA member Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Stacks Image 3563
Thank you for speaking at our corporate CMAA meeting. It was refreshing to hear a professional speaker talk about something besides budgets and profits and losses, and to deliver each word with passion and heart...

I went home and paid my wife the attention she needed and deserved...and thanks for reminding me that our two children are the most important people in our lives.
Stacks Image 3567
Country Club Manager,
CMAA Member and father Florida
Stacks Image 3576
Thank you for the transparency that you give us (and throughout the book) in order to touch the lives of those who need that extra push to face their past whether it be shame, trauma, fear, or anger. Again, thank you so much for sharing your life with me and so many others.
Stacks Image 3580
J. Fink, Business Owner
Stacks Image 3589
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your message and for all that you have done to overcome and to fight the good fight! I read your book and it ROCKED my world!
Stacks Image 3593
M. DeGraffenreid
Business Owner and LTD Team Member
Stacks Image 3612
I’d like to thank you for the talk you gave, “Whoever Asked You to Feel”, at our recent business convention. They put it out on CD and I have listened to it countless times while on the road building my business. It’s a constant reminder that we were put on this earth for a purpose and that we have a job to do regardless of circumstances and past mistakes. Your inspiration has helped me progressively move forward...I look forward to hearing you again at Summit!
Stacks Image 3616
J. Meier, Business Owner

Book and Resource Testimonials

Stacks Image 3165
Thank you for the opportunity to “get over myself!” I had no idea what this study would do for me or my marriage!

I cannot tell you how many nights I have prayed for God to make me be a better wife or for me to become the person He wanted me to be. But when I read Chapter 7 of your book, so many things snapped into focus! I realized that I was praying—but that was ALL I was doing. In that chapter, you taught me how to put “feet” on my prayers! Also, as a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, when a negative thought enters my mind, it just goes around and around without end—it’s so frustrating! I never imagined that I could control my thought life and change the patterns, but you have given me the tools and I am determined to use them!

I thank God for you and for this study! I hope you know how many lives you have touched!
Stacks Image 3172
Get Over Yourself Bible Study Participant, GA
Stacks Image 3181
Thank you so much! This Bible study has forever changed my life and the person that I am; but above all, it saved my marriage!

When I began this study, my husband and I were at the end of our rope and not even sleeping in the same room. We hardly talked and when we did, it resulted in nothing good! But, through this study, I realized that I had a lot of “ugly” in my “box” that I had to let go of...I had to look at myself instead of pointing the finger at him! Anyways, long story short, I am forever thankful for you and your obedience to God!
Stacks Image 3185
Get Over Yourself Bible Study Participant
Stacks Image 3243
Your Bible study was truly the perfect fit for our church. We witnessed 40+ women set free from the bondage of their past--I will forever keep close to my heart all that the Lord did. We praise God for you and your ministry!
Stacks Image 3247
Patti Minton,
Co-Pastor of The Gathering Church Valdosta, GA
Stacks Image 3256
Thank you for the wonderful witness you have been. Your book and its principles showed me the direction I needed to go--to push me to change in areas I had long neglected and kept from God. With your guidance, I am now in a relationship with God that I have never been in...and I have been a Christian since I was 8 years old! Thank you again for your obedience!
Stacks Image 3260
M. Day,
Get Over Yourself Bible Study Participant
Click HERE to read more testimonials about Jennifer’s Book and Bible Study
Stacks Image 4100
Discover seven practical, biblical principles that will get you beyond the pain, the shame and the heartaches of life in order to achieve balance, fulfillment, confidence, and a true purpose for living.
About Jennifer
Real. Approachable. Inspiring. Encouraging. Engaging. Insightful. Relevant. Relatable. Funny. Honest. Passionate about Restoration.
Stacks Image 4120
Jennifer Beckham was AMAZING. And the most impactful speaker from Friday Night’s Main Stage!
Conference Attendee
IMPACT 2011 LTD/Amway Event
Stacks Image 4126
Stacks Image 4129
I know that Anthony and Jennifer desire to see the lives of our young people touched in a powerful and positive way. Their unique style and delivery as motivational speakers will captivate any audience from elementary to college aged students.
Del Wright
FCA Regional Director
Stacks Image 4135
Stacks Image 4138
You came to my school today [for an abstinence assembly]. I just wanted to tell you that you saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I was just going down the wrong path, so thank you so very much for helping me before I did something really stupid.
~ High school student, GA
Stacks Image 4144
Stacks Image 953
Jennifer Beckham was so compelling...The content of her talk is very useful to men and women in today’s very troubled world. It was certainly an inspiration to me.
Country Club Manager and CMAA member
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Stacks Image 1231
Stacks Image 4152
Stacks Image 4153
Stacks Image 4160
Stacks Image 4161
Stacks Image 4168
Stacks Image 4169
Stacks Image 4176
Stacks Image 4177
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